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These faucets provide water control to the user in Bathing & Washbasin areas. With the help of these fixtures we can control flow of water, pressure of water and temperature of water while bathing & hand or face washing, brushing shaving etc. Certain technologies like quarter turn fittings, Single levers, Thermostatic fittings enhance the control & comfort of water usage.

  Single Lever Basin Mixer

Single lever tap bears a ceramic cartridge which may be 40 or 45 mm. We can control water flow with one lever unlike the conventional two knobs. Up position is open & down position is close. Left rotation is hot and as we rotate to the right the water temperature decreases.

  Basin Mixer

Used on wash basin or counter top, has two knobs; left for hot water and right for cold water. More successful over single lever faucets in areas having low pressure .Spout can be inbuilt in the body or separate & can be casted or made of pipe.

  Bidet Mixer

Bidet rests on the Bidet Ceramic ware. The spout fills the bidet bowl and the pop-up is used to store or flush out water in the bowl since it controls the rubber plug installed at the base of the bidet bowl.

  Wall Mixer


Used in bathing area. Can be single Lever or two knobbed. Can also be thermostatic. Installed at 1145mm from the ground level. The suggested legs distance of wall mixer is 160mm and the adjustment margin is 30mm both sides.

  Bathroom Set

This set is very popular & practical in Indian conditions. Conventional wall mixer has a spout to fill bucket or bathtub and also provision to divert water to the hand shower which rests on the twin hook crutch.





Diver has two inlets for hot & cold water. The outlets can be two, three, four or five depending upon the model selected. The outlet can be attached to the spout, overhead shower, hand shower or bodyjets.All connections are concealed , only the diverter levers & wall plate are visible. The aesthetics of bathing area can be maintained by matching the diverter lever knobs & plate to the other faucets of the bathroom.

  Pillar Tap

Used on washbasins or counters. Has a vertical inlet. Combinations of two taps desired of both hot & cold water required. Very effective in low water pressure conditions. Also popular in areas of moderate climate.

  Bit Tap



Bib tap is a single faucet installed on wall having horizontal inlet ; it can either give hot or cold water. Generally used as combination of two taps for hot & cold. Installed at a height of 1145 mm from the floor in the bathing area. Long bib is used in bathing area & short bib near water closet. Very effective in Indian conditions of low pressure & water scarcity.


Spout has an inlet & an outlet, used to fill bucket, bath tub or wash feet. Water is fed to spout by connecting to concealed valves or diverters.Spout may be installed in the bathing area at a height of 785 mm from the floor.